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Sales promotion campaign

 Pólus - Glamour campaign 

Our agency plans the marketing communication strategy of Pólus for the whole year and also executes its tactical campaigns. This includes event organisation, sales promotion campaigns, management of CSR activities, and the planning of related online, instore and outdoor appearances.


A traditional recurring element of this is the cooperation with Glamour, which is renewed year after year and does not only offer discount shopping opportunities but also supports the local community with CSR activities.

  Pólus - Back to School campaign  

The autumn school season could not start in any other way but with a combination of shopping and a playful promotion, guaranteeing gifts to the shoppers of Pólus Center, parents and children alike.

Direct communication with the shoppers is supported by hostesses and complemented with online and instore appearances.

  Europeum - Christmas Promotion  

With its new communication concept and image, the launch of our Christmas promotion campaign for the Europeum Shopping Centre was a great success.

The “We come in handy...” message refers to the busy location of the Europeum, for which a shopping centre promotion always comes in handy.

  Batiste - online promotion  

For the Batiste dry shampoo brand, we launched Facebook and Instagram prize drawings encouraging testing and selfie-shooting among prospects.


In addition to content management and ad coordination, the campaign also included cooperation with influencers.

  Zwack Fütyülős promotion  

Our promotion appeared at 14 entertainment venues including the Gozsdu udvar and the Akvárium Klub and featured stars like Anna & the Barbies, Bye Alex, Regina Dukai, Balázs Fehér and The Biebers.

Besides communication and the installation, our company also provided hostess services for the tasting event.

  Weber promotions  

We have had a close relationship with the Weber-Terranova brand for years. The online communication services we provide to them include microsite and banner campaign management, email marketing campaigns and nationwide sales promotions.